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Rock wool blanket

 "ShengdingYuan" brand rock blanket is a kind of soft products, mainly made of basalt via porous fiber, the product has excellent heat preservation and heat insulation, sound-absorbing noise reduction,  air permeability, A1 grade fire prevention performance level. This product can produce according to customer's different requirement of thickness, density, hydrophobic, also can be add aluminum foil, glass fiber cloth in the single surface of product and variety of different cover material.

Standard Size

Product Style SDW60 SDW80 SDW100
Density kg/m3 60 80 100
Width mm 600/900
Thickness mm 50 60 75 50 60 75 40 50
Length mm 5000 4000 3000 5000 4000 3000 5000 5000

Technical Index

product property SDW60 SDW80 SDW100 unit Test standard
Heat conductivity rate (25) 0.040 0.038 0.038 w/(m.k) GB/T25975
Max temperature 450 650 650 ASTMC411
Thermal loading shrinkage temperature 400 400 4000 GB/T11835
Quality niustyre rate 1.0 % GB/T25975
String shrinking rate 2 % ASTMC358
hydrophobic 99% % GB/T25975
Chlorine ion content 10 mg/kg ASTMC871
Fireproofing property A1   GB8624
Organic content 1.0 % GB/T11835
Safety, environmental Non asbestos, no CFCS ,HCFCS Hand HFCS    

Product Application:
This product is used for industry field, such as power plants, chemical plants and other factories of large diameter pipelines, large storage tanks, uneven surface and dust collector walls,smoking pipeline and other equipment, facilities such as fire prevention, heat preservation, noise reduction, personal protection. Used in construction field are mainly all kinds of light steel roofing heat preservation and heat insulation. Users can customize according to different purposes and requirement.
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