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Hebei Shengding Insulation Materials Co., Ltd production lines of Rockwool adopt advanced international level technical skill and equipment which have five technological superiority:

1.Oxygen-enriched combustion technique
Cupola of the combustion air preheating and stabilize in 450 ~ 550 . Strengthened the cupola combustion, increase the yield, uniformity and stability of the melt, so as to improve the quality of the fiber, at the same time saves the coke consumption about 20% quantity.

2.Three-dimensional fiber forming technology
The technology adopts the Europe new generation of centrifuges, with higher rotate speed, more reasonable roller wheel coordinates and fiber blow from air separation system, combination of sizing can improve the utilization rate of glue and the uniformity of glue, use the centrifuge will make melt fiber forming rate is higher, fiber diameter slender, less slag ball content and lower production cost.

3.3D Technique of fiber arrange
By adopting European cotton collect equipment, to ensure the uniformity of early cotton blanket, thin and uniform early cotton blanket, provided a basis for product homogeneity and through the advantages of rapid speed compensation pendulum blanket make the more blanket layer of same unit weight of products, the product density is more uniform. Adopt the domestic advanced Big plait machine make the blanket by method of longitudinal compression, the fiber by two-dimensional arrangement change to three dimensional arrangement, the product compression strength increased by 20 ~ 30%.

4.Heavy duty high curing technology
Heavy high-precision curing oven can ensure control the product of high density, high strength products of solidification and thickness, production speed is 2.8 - 28.0 m/min, the product density is 40 - 200 kg/m3, thickness of product is 30 - 200 mm.

5.Fine scale by automatic cutting technology
Gas cutting device accuracy can reach to 3 to 7 mm, the rock wool product can meet the specification requirements well for exterior wall thermal insulation.

1) Shengding rock wool hydrophobic rate not less than 98%, quality hygroscopic rate < 1%; Short-term partially submerged (24 h) < 0.5 kg / O; Long-term  (fully immersed 28 d) < 2.0 kg / O. Such as product by high pressure water soaking and drying after does not affect the performance and not inflation.
(2) The rock wool products by a large number of fibers connecting structure of the porous formation, sound-absorbing through sound energy is converted into heat, greatly reduce acoustic reflex, provide undisturbed enviroment for working and living.
(3) Open porous fiber structure makes rock wool has excellent permeability, water vapor can freely through the rock wool products which can effectively reduce the cooling effect and architectural mildew.
(4) On average, Shengding rock wool product in its whole life, save energy in using are over 100 times the amount of energy consumed producing and recover.
(5) Shengding specilized exterior rock wool insulation have high tensile strength and high compression strength,external wall rock wool system can effectively resist the positive and negative wind pressure alternating effect, still have strong impact resistance.
(6) do not contain CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs and won't destroy the ozone layer in the atmosphere; Do not contain asbestos, the world health organization's international agency for research on cancer (IARC) has canceled the rock wool products from the list "possibly carcinogenic substance"; Rock wool water extract is neutral or weak alkaline, not damage, corrosion its contact materials.
(7) Shengding rock wool made of basalt is A1 class non-combustible fire-resistant materials, melting temperature is greater than 1000 , it can effectively slow fire spread; Does not produce toxic gases in the fire or molten dripping; excellent high temperature resistant performanc, coefficient of thermal conductivity is low in high temperature condition in order to get the key time for save lives and reduce property losses.
(8) Shendding rock wool product have slender fibers, average diameter is 5 um, much better than national standard 7 um, its slag ball is about 5% which much less than the national standard 10% requirement, so, its  thermal conductivitycoefficient is low, compared with the similar material, the heat preservation effect is better.
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