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Hebei Shending Insulation Materials Co., Ltd focus on the research and development new energy-saving insulation materials. The company plans to invest RMB 3.35 billion and imported 10 advanced rock wool production lines and 4 rock wool composite panels production lines in two times from Europ, annual produce capability is 300,000 tons and high-grade sandwich composite panels covers 4 million square meters. Total project covers an area of 666,670 square meters, annual produce value will be RMB 50 billion after the total project completed, tax reach to RMB 500 million. It is the largest rock wool products production base in Asia.

Rock wool products has good thermal insulation performance, fire resistance and sound absorb performance, especially have broad prospects in field of energy saving applications, according to the test, the average energy saving is 2500 kcal/h per stere in industrial heating equipment field which equivalent to savings 3 tons coal per year. In building applications, using one ton high-grade thermal insulation rock wool products, equivalent to saving one ton oil energy at least. Therefore, rock wool products application have a wide range in building, petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, transportation, agriculture and etc.

"Advanced in international market and the first-class in domestic market" is the company's aim and produce high quality rock wool products with research strength, this plan divided into three-step to achieve "135" strategic goal. The first step, to realize the investment with effective together in the same year; The second step, reach to the design producing capability goals in three years; The third step, to realize whole company listed in five years. Meanwhile, the company will hold and guide the market via the scale of production, high grade product, excellent service and promoting the standardization and normalization of domestic rock wool industry via take advantage of scientific research institutes cooperation,  and try to promote domestic research power and application of the new energy-saving insulation materials, to be the leading company of inorganic fiber energy-saving insulation materials in China.

The company located the economic circle besides Beijing and tianjin, in the north 240 km from Beijing and 230km from tianjin port; In the west is beijing-kowloon railway and big wide highway, in the east is Beijing-Shanghai railway, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and No.104 national road; 1 km only from territory to Hanhuang railway, traffic is very convenient, so, its provides a unique advantage for company¡¯s developing. Companies adhering to the purpose of "quality first, reputation first" and philosophy of"I have my best strong than others" as the spirit of innovative and challenge and cooperate with customers develop and sharing success together in domestic and abroad.

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