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Curtain wall rock wool
"ShengdingYuan" curtain wall fireproof insulation rock wool panel is special designed for the curtain wall fireproofing system, it has higher temperature of refractory, higher melting point and lower temperature line contraction property and etc, meanwhile, it has good hydrophobic, moisture resistance, its moisture absorption and bibulous rate are low, will not have corrosion on metal.
 Standard Size

application type Product style Density kg/m3 SpecificationLWThkmm
Curtain wall fireproofing plugging application SDS60 60 1200600135
SDS110 110 1200600100
Window-sill wall heat insulation fireproofing application SDS110 110 120060050
SDS128 128 120060050

Technical Index

Product property Value of Number Unit Standard
Heat conductivity rate25棩 0.04 w/(m.k) GB/T25975
Fire endurance 14 hour ASTME119
smoke spread rate 5   ASTME84
Fire spread rate 0   ASTME84
Fire resistance Noninflammability materials   GB/T25975
Fireproofing--A1 grade  
hydrophobic rate 99 % GB/T25975
acidity coefficient rate 1.8   GB/T25975
Melting temperature 1000 GB/T25975
Safety, environmental Non asbestos, no CFCS and H CFCSHFCS    

Product Application:
Curtain wall fire-proof sealing application: SDS60 and SDS110 is mainly used curtain wall and  structure floor, fireproof and flue gas seal of partition wall, also can be used through the entire floor or the tube gap of groove wall around facilities smoke prevention, 4 hours max prevent thermal gas spread. When installation, it should cut the rock wool panel by knives according to the variety width, pay attention to the width should be about 10% larger than fill the gap width, try to put the rock wool belt into the gap and the thickness direction should be same with the thickness of the floor or wall in order to ensure better results.
Window sill wall insulation fireproofing application: SDS110 and SDS128 applied to window sill wall insulation and fireproofing, it is a kind of passive fire protection construction to prevent the fire spread to upstair or neighbor thought enhance the fire separation function between up and down floor when fire. When installation, fasten to the rock wool insulation by nails on the directly on the curtain wall or structure, such as a decorative surface, the surface should be placed in the side of higher temperature, it can prevent the moisture condensation in the rock wool.
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