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Metal Composite rock wool

¡°Shengding Yuan¡± rock wool composite panels core material is metal with a high compressive, tensile and shear strength of the panel products (SDMB series) or strip products (SDLB series). SDLB series is from SDMB by length direction are cut, the fiber direction is perpendicular to the panel when using.
Standard Size
 SDMB Series
Density£º100/120/150kg/ m³

 SDLB Series
Density£º100/120/150kg/ m³

Technical Index

product property SDLB100 SDLB120 SDLB150 Unit Standard
compressive strength 85 105 150 kpa EN826
tensile Strength 170 220 350 kpa EN1607
shear strength 60 80 100 kpa EN12090
slag content ¡Ü5£¨coarse slag size£¾0.25mm£©
¡Ü30£¨tiny slag size£¾63¦Ìm£©
% ASTMC1335
Panel heat conductivity rate (20¡æ) ¡Ü0.039 ¡Ü0.036 ¡Ü0.038 w£¨m.k£© GB/T25975
Core belt heat conductivity rate (20¡æ) ¡Ü0.043 ¡Ü0.043 ¡Ü0.046 w£¨m.k£© EN12667
Dimensional stability ¡Ü1.0 % GB/T25975
hydrophobic ¡Ý99£¨according to hydrophobicity product£© % GB/T25975
Fireproof performance Noninflammability materials,A1 grade fireproofing   GB/T8624
Fire endurance 30-240 min accroding to core? panel structure and thickness    
Safety, environmental Non asbestos, no CFCS and? H CFCS¡¢HFCS  

Product Application
The product mainly apply to manufacture kinds of metal sandwich composite panel, it is an idea materials for kinds of industrial plant, warehouse and other external building wall panel, roof panel and fireproofing inner severed wallboard.
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