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External wall heat insulation

ShengdingYuan brand special rock wool belt for external wall heat insulation system have excellent property of sound absorb & noise reduce, fireproofing & heat insulation. Meanwhile, it is have good pressure resistance and Tensile Strength and good property of hydrophobic and humidity resistance. It can compatible with building wall because of its enough dimensional stability and chemical stability, same life with building. It is used for new building, building expand and existing building remake.

Standard Size
Density100kg/ m³

Technical index

product property SDL100 Unit Standard
compressive Strength
(10% variant)
60 kpa GB/T25975
Tensile Strength(With the vertical surface)? 120 kpa GB/T25975
heat conductivity (25) 0.043 w/(m.k) GB/T25975
fire resistance A1 level   GB/T25975
hydrophobic rate 99 % GB86242006
acidity coefficient rate 1.8   GB/T25975
quality moisture rate 1.0 %wt GB/T25975
sort-term soakage(part in water 24h) 0.5 kg/m2 GB/T25975
(appendix B)
Long-term soakage(part in water 28d) 2.0 kg/m2 GB/T25975
(appendix B)
noise reduction rate (NRC) 0.6   GB/T18696.1
dimensional stability 1.0 % GB/T25975
melting temperature 1000  
thickness deviation 1 mm GB/T25975
squareness 5 mm/m GB/T25975
evenness 2 mm GB/T25975(appendix B)
safety, environmental Non asbestos, no CFCS and H CFCSHFCS  

Product Application:
ShengdingYuan brand external wall rock wool belt apply to external wall insulation system and non transparent curtain wall insulation system, it can be using together with insulation materials of EPS, XPS and PU which their fireproofing can not reach to A grade in order to promote building heat insulation systems fireproof performance.

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