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About rock wool product

"Shengding Rock wool" is a kind of high quality inorganic insulation materials which using European professional equipment, adopting oxygen-enriched combustion, three-dimensional fiber forming, 3d arrangement and heavy automatic high precision fiber solidify, high precision cutting international advanced technology, with basalt as main raw materials. Due to its manufacturing equipment, process and use of different raw materials, Shengding rock wool product not only better than other domestic manufacturers using traditional technology and equipment to produce the middle-end of rock wool in application, but also better than slag rock wool product.

"Shengding rock wool product" have hundreds of style include: external wall panel insulation systems, external wall rock wool belt insulation system, high-strength roofing rock wool panel insulation system, metal wall composite panel series special rock wool core material, dry hanging back ventilating curtain external wall insulation system for fire prevention rock wool panel, industry rock wool blanket and seven categories of construction rock wool product.
Shengding rock wool main raw material is selection of basalt. The process adopt the high temperature melting through high speed centrifugal equipment made from inorganic fiber, adding a special binder and dustproof oil via swing belt to blanket, and chang the structure of fiber array through special equipment make it according to the different purposes belongs to the inorganic heat preservation material, grade A flame retardant material.

Shengding rock wool product strictly implementation of GB/T25975-2010 "rock wool building external insulation" standard production, fire rating of A1 which achieve the highest fire resistant in the similar materials. Also has obtained the Certificated of CE (eu), ISO9001 (international standard quality system), ABS (American), CCS, DNV (Norway) (China), GL (German Lloyd's) and LR (Lloyd's), NK certificate (Japan).

Shengding rock wool product has excellent thermal insulation, sound absorption performance, stable chemical performance, corrosion resistance, and non-combustible performance etc, can be widely used in construction, industry and shipbuilding field sound-absorption, thermal insulation, energy-saving insulation engineering and etc.

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